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Retiree Order Tips and Sample Cards

Retired CHP? Congratulations! Enjoy your status with our special retiree business cards. We are proud to offer retired badges in both our Brite Gold and State Seal versions. Of course, as a retiree, you are free to choose any emblem and background you wish. You are not limited to just the retiree badges. You can view the retiree badges along with all our other emblems and emblem backgrounds on the Emblem page.

You may have noticed that our order form seems to be designed for active CHP, but it is very easy to use the form to order retiree business cards. Just use the existing fields to enter the information you want on your cards. Here is a sample card with the fields identified that you may want to customize along with sample information entered on the order form.

Sample business card.

Sample order form.

Here are some more sample CHP retiree business cards:

Flag retiree business card.

Seal retiree business card.

State retiree business card.

Just let us know what information you want on your business cards and we'll be happy to work with you. Ready to order? Use our convenient, secure order form.

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