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Here are larger views of the emblems you can choose for your business cards.

All Brite Gold and Gold badges will be customized with your own rank and ID.

Brite Gold Badge.State Seal Badge.Gold Badge.
BriteGold BadgeState Seal BadgeGold Badge
Blue Emblem.Patch.K9.
Blue EmblemPatchK9




Retired Brite Gold Badge.Retired State Seal Badge.Retiree Card Samples
and Order Tips
Brite Gold Badge
State Seal Badge

State Police

California State Police Badge.  
State Police Badge

Internet Special - Free Emblem Backgrounds!

New and exclusive patriotic emblem backgrounds for our customers who use our secure on-line ordering system. Now you can choose to add one of these special backgrounds to your business card emblem. Any of our patriotic backgrounds will work with any of the emblem badges or patch.

Click on a background to see it layered with the emblems.

US flag.Eagle carrying US Flag.
U.S. FlagEagle carrying U.S. Flag
CA State and flag.State and US Flag.
CA state & flagCA with U.S. flag

Card Styles

When you place an order with CHP Cards, you can choose which one of two styles you would like for your business cards. Click on the small cards below to see a larger example of the Classic and Side styles.

Classic style.Side style.
Classic StyleSide Style

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